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September 17, 2021

Summary Dashboard

Today is a good day :). We're very excited to launch Summary Dashboard! This feature will help you get a 360 view of how your project with Noibu is going. You and your team work hard to drive revenue and conversion by resolving errors on your website and now you can track the great progress made. This view will be useful to communicate to management the great work done by team. Developers, this is your time to shine. All the hard work you've done to resolve issues will now be clearly celebrated for everyone to see.

Here is a rundown of Summary Dashboard:

Project Summary:

Revenue Saved: Annual revenue saved in period.

New Issues: # of revenue impacting issues detected in period.

Closed-Fixed: # of issues marked as closed-fixed in the period.

Progressed Percentage:

On Site/Added to Cart/Checkout Started/Place Order: Percentage of all users who progressed to one of the next stages. Think of this as your conversion rate to the next stage.

Top Suggested Issues: List of Noibu's picks for issues we think should be investigated.

Team Activity: You and your team's most recent activity inside of Noibu.

Top Impact Made: The Noibu leaderboard! A view showing the top revenue saving users.

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