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October 28, 2021

Issue Trends

You can now view the annualized revenue impact of issues over time inside of the new Issue Trends feature and inside of a specific issue.

*IMPORTANT* We are showing Issue Trends data from October 6th, 2021 onwards.

You can access this feature on the left hand navigation by clicking Issue Trends.

Annualized Revenue Loss: This is computed the same way as inside of the funnel but charted over time. To read up on how annualized revenue loss is calculated click here. We are charting this value over time in the graph and table below.

This will help you accomplish the following:

1. Identify spiking issues for the purpose of prioritizing your backlog

2. Correlate a drop in conversion to a specific new or existing spiking issue

3. Confirm that a fix is working by seeing the annualized revenue loss trend to $0

Issue Trends Tab

The Issue Trends tab is divided into 2 sections:

1. Graph view:

The graph view allows you to view the annualized revenue loss of new and existing issues over time. You will be able to see which issues are introduced and spiking during that period. The circles denote the first seen at date for an issue.

An issue will trend to $0 if it has gone dormant or is resolved.

Hover over points on the graph to see the annualized revenue loss compared to the equivalent previous period. The previous period is driven by the time period selected. In this example, it is 7 days.

2. Table view:

The table shows the top "spiking" issues. The default sort is based on variance. The variance is computed as the % increase in annualized revenue loss compared to the exact same previous period.

The annualized revenue loss is using the entire set of data in the period to compute the annualized revenue loss. In this example we have selected 7 days so for the 7 day period ID 9499 has a predicted annualized revenue loss of $27,634.

Toggle ON/OFF the Issue IDs to view them displayed in the graph.

The infinity symbol means that there was no annualized revenue loss detected in the previous period. This means the variance is infinite compared to the previous period.

Issue Details:

We are also showing the issue trend for a specific issue inside of the issue details. Once an issue is fixed you will see this graph trend to $0.

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