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March 15, 2021

Friction Factor and Symptoms

Huge news today! We are about to make it MUCH easier for you and your team to locate impactful sessions. We have launched Symptoms and Friction Factor.

Friction Factor: Allows you to identify the sessions with the most impact. The higher the number the higher the friction. There are 2 Friction Factors:

1. Issue Friction Factor: If you are investigating a specific issue, we will show you the highest impact sessions as it relates to the issue.

2. Session Search Friction Factor: If you are not investigating a specific error. We will show you the most impactful session regardless if they had an issue.

Symptoms: Symptoms are behaviours in side of the session. Here is a list of symptoms Noibu captures:

Contact for Help: User visited the contact us page and may have contacted for help.

Broken Button: User encountered a broken button.

Rage Click: User clicked the same button several times in a row.

Declined Card: User experienced a declined credit card.

Back Button: User clicked the back button.

Refresh: User reloaded the page.

Broken Funnel Step: User experienced a broken button that is supposed to trigger a funnel step.

Slow Session: User experienced slow request loading times.

Multiple Payment Gateway: User attempted to pay with more than one payment option.

You can filter by Symptoms and sort by Friction Factor inside of session search and sessions view inside of an issue.

Inside Session Search:

Inside of issue details:

Inside of session details at the top right you will see what friction factor the session contains and inside of each session you will see the timeline will be annotated with the symptom:

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